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Claim 5 Songs!

Claim a Song
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All Members , Moderated
In this community you can claim the Songs that you WANT and will be known for! YAYY!!

Why is it called Hellroaring? I don't know...I think the name is awesome and I didn't want to call it "claim_a_song" or something like that.


-1. Each member can claim 5 songs and 5 songs ONLY!

-2. Once a song has been claimed it is final. No one else can claim that song, and members can only change their holdings ONCE because it messes me up when I have to keep changing things -__-.

-3. When claiming by a post in the community, you must state the name of the band/singer first and the name of the song after. If anythinging needs to be specified (ie: it's a cover, it's in a different language...) please add it.

-4. There will not be a slot in the holdings for live versions of each song. That would be crazy.

-5. You do not actually own the songs you claim...

-6. If you bother me, I have all the power I need to kick you out.

-7. Claims will be decided in order of claim itself. If I haven't updated the list in a while, I will look at each post afterward from earliest to latest to determine who gets what song. So in other words, if someone has already posted a claim on a song, posting that you want that song later will NOT change the outcome.